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Hello my name is Simon Hanna, I am a Music Composer specialising in Video Games & Concert based in Adelaide, Australia. My musical influences draw largely from classical & contemporary orchestral music, Video Games & Japanese Animation. I have been writing music for 10 years and have studied Music Composition & Film making in many of Australia’s leading Film Schools & Universities.

My composition process is very collaborative, especially during the initial stages of a project where I take the time to discover and craft the ‘sound’ of the world with all its nuances. This process helps me create a soundtrack that is both unique and provocative, composing music audiences will enjoy long past their first encounter.

If you’re based in my hometown of Adelaide, I am happy to catch up over a coffee and chat about your latest project.​ Otherwise, you can add me on Discord and we can video chat.

I offer fair rates, deliver on time and keep my work transparent and open for feedback.  


If you'd like to inquire about my services or have any questions, please get in touch.

Simon Hanna

Music Composer

Midi Mock Up Artist

Charlotte Rose Hamlyn

Author/Illustrator, Television Presenter & award-winning Screenwriter

I've been fortunate enough to work with Simon across a number of film projects and have always been impressed by the quality and originality of his scores. I've seen his music lend an emotional quality to cinema that has touched audiences and filmmakers alike. He's always been an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't recommend him more.

David Robert Thring

Writer, Director, Producer & DOP

I’ve employed Simon to compose on a number of short-films and pilots and each time, without fail, he finds the right sounds. As if by magic he plucks notes from the ether to make viewers and listeners feel.  With an extensive sound library, coupled with his second-to-none emotional intelligence, he informs every note to craft music that is exactly appropriate for each scenario. He is a pleasure to work with and would be a true asset to any project.

Tin Pang

Writer & Director

Simon is an incredibly generous and collaborative artist. Working with him is always such a joy, as he invites you to join him inside his musical mind to experiment, develop and discover new ideas.

Stuart Sparrowhawk

Project Lead & Founder of Verius Games

We're a small indie company that needed a composer at a price that we could afford. Mr. Hanna provided us everything we could have hoped for, with a professional work ethic and a willingness to stretch his capabilities for the sake of the final product.
We had over 50 composers under review before we settled on Simon. You will be hard pressed to find a better option on the market

Daniel Freer

Project Lead & Founder of Pond Games

I hired Simon to compose the soundtrack for my first commercial video game.
Although the music I was after was quite different to much of his portfolio, he absolutely smashed it out of the park.
Taking my feedback onboard and offering his own ideas along the way, Simon also takes the time to understand the world of the game and the intended emotions of the player.
The resulted in a distinctive soundtrack that not only is a pleasure to listen to, but suits the game perfectly both stylistically and emotionally.
I'm looking forward to working with Simon again for project no.2

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